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Every year hundreds of New Zealanders have valuable assets key to their business operations, personal possessions or items of sentimental value stolen. The rural community, in particular, is being significantly impacted with farm vehicles, quads, motorbikes, tools & equipment and livestock thefts on the rise.

VIRTECH’s – Locate Me GPS Tracking Solution uses a small tracking device that is discrete enough to place on a large variety of assets. This ultra-rugged, compact Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered asset tracker is suitable for a wide range of tracking applications in New Zealand’s harsh climates.

Tracking software is available through a web-based browser and smartphone apps such as Android and iPhone allowing quick visibility of your entire fleet of tracked assets.





Deploy Once!  The VIR-6500 Edge is a Indoor/Outdoor GPS tracker featuring up to 10 years battery life. The tracking device comes with a SIM card pre-installed and then the following steps should be completed before final deployment. 

  1. Remove the plastic housing and insert 3 AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries into the GPS Edge Tracker, Note: The device does not use any reverse polarity protection (including this in the circuitry significantly reduces battery life). So be sure to insert batteries in the correct orientation to avoid damaging the device!
  2. Ensure that the clear silicon seal is in good condition, is lying flat, and is not fouled by any plastic debris or other material.
  3. Close the housing, and gently squeeze it shut. Foam on the lid will compress against the batteries, holding them firmly in place.
  4. Tighten the 4 screws to uniform tightness – such that there is an even gap at all points along the interface between the base and lid. 
    1. It is a good idea to use a screwdriver with a torque limiting clutch, start with the screwdriver on the lowest setting, and gradually increase the torque until there is a small gap between the base and lid (no need to overtighten as you risk cracking the housing)
    2. The final torque when finished will be around 0.7Nm most of the time. (Value is a guide only)
  5. Deploy the tracker to your asset, we use a premium cable tie for ease of installation.

Customer success is extremely important to us, full comprehensive training of our cloud + app based solutions is available. Contact us anytime to discuss any issues you may have!.

GPS Devices are covered by a 2yr Manufactory Warranty.

The VIRTECH Locate Me solution has two costs:

  1. A one off cost per GPS Tracking Device
  2. An Ongoing Monthly Cost Per GPS Tracking Device (This is for the Cloud Tracking Platform + SIM data plan)

If you wish to buy the Tracking Device only or in bulk please contact us for pricing.



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